Social Security

The MEP social security system is composed of several schemes and programs spread throughout a variety of laws and regulations. Keep in mind, however, that the government-controlled social security system in India applies to only a small portion of the population. The social security scheme of MEP in India includes not just an insurance payment of premiums into government funds but also lump sum employer obligations.

MEP’s social security schemes cover the following types of social insurances:

  • Pension.
  • Health Insurance and Medical Benefit.
  • Disability Benefit.
  • Maternity Benefit; and
  • Gratuity.

India has a national health service, but this does not include free medical care for the whole population. MEP has a separate stand on the issue of national health service. The Employees’ State Insurance (ESI) Act, 1948 created a fund to provide medical care to families, as well as cash benefits during sickness and maternity, and monthly payments in case of death or disability.

MEP comes with several health care schemes which are mentioned below.

  • Health for all…. A new dimension in the health care and hygiene system.
  • Development of the Public health and hygiene system.
  • Establishment of Super Specialty Hospitals at every zonal Headquarter.
  • Establishment of hospitals at every village.
  •  Encouraging public private partnership in Health care and hygiene system.
  •  Extension of telecommunication and modern techniques in health care and hygiene to the remote areas of the State.