Wishing Happy Farmers Day to all the farmers of India and tribute to Mr. Choudhry Charan Singh on the occasion of National Farmers Day.

On the occasion of National Farmers Day, we are paying tribute to Mr. Choudhry Charan Singh. Today is the birth anniversary of Choudhry Charan Singh ji on which we celebrate national farmers day. It is also an opportunity to raise awareness about the challenges and issues facing farmers in India. On this day, I along with all the AIMEP supporters paid tribute to farmers. We salute and respect farmers and the important role they play in the country’s economy and society. AIMEP is a party who have always raised voice for the betterment of farmers and time and again we supported farmers’ cause. In our manifesto we have addressed all the major concerns of farmers which we will resolve after forming the government.

Farmers are facing grave problems, and no one is addressing them.

India is a developing country, most of its population belong to the rural area, and their primary job is agriculture. But it’s been decades these rural people are living the same way they used to live 30 years ago. It is because agriculture in India is not a profit-making job anymore.

Major Problems faced by farmers in India are.

● Unavailability of good quality of Seeds
● Lack of Modern Equipment
● Poor irrigation facilities
● Small and Fragmented Holdings of land
● Dealing with local traders and middleman
● Lack of Storage facilities

The situation of poor farmers is even worse. They are forced to sell their crops at whatever price is offered to them. Going through these entire problems, how can we expect from our farmers to produce good crops. Instead, we should ask our government to provide the facilities that they deserve. On this day we assure if AIMEP comes in power we will strive hard to eliminate all the problem which farmers are facing. AIMEP is always stand for the farmers.

Charan Singh will always be remembered as Kisanon Ke Neta, a true gem for Indian.

Charan Singh will always be remembered as Kisanon Ke Neta or farmers’ leader. Choudhary Charan Singh still lives in the hearts and minds of millions of peasants as one of the greatest leaders of his community. Chaudhary Charan Singh was a prominent Indian politician and statesman who served as the fifth Prime Minister of India from 1979 to 1980. He was born on December 23, 1902, in the village of Noorpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh. We remember Choudhry Charan Singh as a champion of the rural poor and as a leader who fought for the rights of farmers and the downtrodden. A privilege is having a full plate of food. Our farmers deserve all of our respect and admiration since they work so hard to provide for our needs. Greetings on National Farmers Day.