Mrs. Farhana Sayyed, A worthy women candidate from AIMEP for Andheri East Seat.

The All-India Mahila Empowerment Party (A I M E P) National President Dr. Nowhera Shaik has astonished the whole political arena of Mumbai through her move. The entry of Mrs. Farhana Sayyed into the Political arena of Mumbai has brought other rival parties to their knees. Farhana is an active Member of Allah ke Bande foundation for the last three working years. Whenever people needed her help and assistance she stood there. Her contribution to the society cannot be ignored and thus she is a strong candidate. Farhana has been associated with dozens of social groups that have worked for humanity. The candidature of Farhana Sayyed has brought tension among political parties, and this will lead her towards victory.
The All-India Mahila Empowerment Party (A I M E P) candidate has come with an election manifesto in which she has induced major women, youth, farmers, and social welfare schemes. Farhana Sayyed has come with a clear vision of development for all which will benefit everyone irrespective of their identity. If she wins this election, she will strive to ensure that the common man is benefited from the schemes and programs implemented by the government. A I M E P party will build special hospitals for women in the locality where common people can get free check-ups and medicines.