Congratulations AIMEP Party Supporters for historic achievement of 8 seats in Maharashtra Gram Panchayat election.

A very big Congratulations to all AIMEP supporters and teams across the country. A big win for AIMEP in Maharashtra Gram Panchayat election. The party has opened an account with 8 members and counting of votes is still going on. Allah has granted us a much-needed win, a win which has boosted the entire AIMEP cadre. I would like to thank Allah (saw) and the entire AIMEP cadre and supporters who have been actively promoting our ideology. Alhamdulillah I am so thankful to the people of Maharashtra and especially Fatehpur and Sarpanch for this landslide victory which will write a new chapter in Indian politics. Our victory is a clear message to all the people who fear from fighting for the right cause. This is the victory of all the supporters who put their effort in the formation of AIMEP.

I laid the foundation of All India Mahila Empowerment Party (MEP) in 2017 with the intention to serve humanity. AIMEP Party has a roadmap to work for the welfare of every citizen of the country along with the development of women. Alhamdulillah after five hardworking years the party has opened its account in Maharashtra Gram panchayat election. AIMEP has won seven Gram Panchayat seats of Fatehpur and one in Sarpanch Village Situated in Latur district. The Name of Gram Panchayat winners of Fatehpur and Sarpanch village are

  1. Balabim Mali
  2. Saydabi Shaikh
  3. Manisha Adsule
  4. kalima Shaikh
  5. Varsha Sarvade
  6. Danure Rajshiri
  7. Partmesh Patil
  8. Anitha Mali

AIMEP is heading toward a bigger cause after this landslide victory.

Masha Allah, AIMEP Maharashtra cadre was actively working on ground to ensure AIMEP’s victory in the Gram Panchayat. Alhamdulillah, Women, and youth were the ears and eyes on the ground for AIMEP. Today’s victory proved that AIMEP is the party of common people. AIMEP is the future for developing India where women and youth will have lots of opportunities to pursue their dreams. Alhamdulillah, the love, and affection by the people of Fatehpur and Sarpanch village has made me their fan and especially women and youth who have been campaigning for AIMEP. This victory is the new birth of AIMEP and now the entire cadre is boosted up and soon going to meet my people and thank them for their love and affection. Insha’Allah with this grand victory AIMEP is heading toward bigger fights and insha’Allah my dream to see my fellow women in Parliament will come true.