AIMEP Is A Golden Chance For The Youth Of India

AIMEP A political party is established to help the citizens; of the country with the best of aid and, amenities , and assistance. It takes a lot of courage to bring a new political party into existence. It becomes even more tough when the political party is led by a woman. Although There is an age long perception in the minds of many that a woman is just meant; to do the household chores and bring up her children properly. They say a woman is good inside the walls of her house and not as a competitor.

Women do not want to compete against anyone; but people do not give any better chance to show their talent and individuality. Many people show little or absolutely no tolerance towards women because they feel that a woman cannot run a nation. This is not at all true. Women are moving ahead in this world with their efforts and courage.

Nowhera Shaik Founder Of AIMEP:

I play several roles in my daily life; that of a businesswoman, a political leader, a mother, an educationist, and so on. The most challenging role I get to play is that of a political leader. The creation of the All India Mahila Empowerment Party (AIMEP) and every person associated; with the AIMEP stands with the belief that a woman is way more courageous than one can imagine. Moreover She is smart and knows what solutions can address the hovering issues; and she knows the plight of those who are stopped from rising.

Especially AIMEP does not want to merely win elections. We as a party collectively want to win the hearts and trust of the people of India. We want to give a chance to the youth to bring changes in the society for the welfare of all. India needs the opinions and solutions from the youth to address several issues of the country.

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