AIMEP has made a very loud entry into the political arena of Delhi.

Dear AIMEP workers and supporters, I hope you are having a great time. With your help and support, AIMEP is getting strengthened in every part of the country and finally, we have decided to contest the local election of Delhi. AIMEP party has decided to enter the political arena of MCD where the party has a large scope to strengthen its cadre. AIMEP party has made a very loud entry into the political arena of Delhi which has astonished the whole political world. This could be seen as our victory without even contesting the election. AIMEP is getting stronger day by day in every corner of India and the Party is gaining momentum which has compelled national parties to think about it.

AIMEP is the only party which can give a tough fight to AAP in MCD election.

Many Congress leaders have joined AIMEP as they see the party as very active on the ground. AIMEP is the only party that can give a tough fight to AAP in the MCD election. AIMEP welcomes the Vice President of the Delhi unit of the Congress Party Nasser UI Hasan, General Secretary of Delhi Congress Chandni Chowk Legislative Assembly unit Maraj Uddin Qureshi, young social worker Mohita Jain from Jama Masjid area, late Justice Sardar Ali’s wife Mrs. Ishrat Zareen, Congress leader Sabiha, etc. who have joined the party. The AIMEP regrets that Delhi has emerged as the most polluted city in the world on account of mismanagement of civic affairs by the ruling BJP and AAP parties. Only a little work could be done in Jama Masjid, Seelampur, Jahangir Puri, Jamia Nagar, Zakir Nagar, Abul Fazal, Sarita Vihar, Laxmi Nagar, Jafrabaad and most of the places in Delhi on account of a lingering fight between the BJP and AAP. The AIMEP has issued a phone number +91- 70659 93595 till Sunday evening for the hardworking candidates who are interested in getting party nomination and providing a ‘B’ Form. The party is committed to introduce separate welfare schemes empowering women, youth employment, scholarships for students, and a city cleanliness campaign.