AIMEP and the youth of India 

Political disturbances in India have made a large impact on the minds of the public and the youth in particular. Seeing the situation of society parents do not let their children participate in political activities for worry that their children may become spoilt someday.  

To be frank, this is not wrong. But, just the way parents protect their children from falling and losing, children also protect their parents from all times of harm by standing with them through all odds; but is this only limited to relationships? Our Motherland India has given us so much should we not make our Motherland proud?  

India will win when the youth of the country voice out their opinions and stand as political leaders and lead the nation. The ideology, approach, planning, and execution of activities that the youth of India cater to will not be found anywhere. The future of India is in the hands of the younger generation, the youth. As said, the children of today are the leaders of tomorrow.  

According to research, over 65 percent of the population of India falls under the age category of 35. Sadly, politicians never retire, but the youth of India has the power to take leadership and lead India towards being a developed nation very soon.  

The All India Mahila Empowerment Party’s honest approach toward the betterment of people and the welfare of women has touched the hearts of many youths. Owing to this the AIMEP has received enormous applications from the youth to represent the AIMEP in the upcoming elections.  

The upcoming elections will surely be a turning point for India.