• All India Mahila Empowerment Party - MEP , Justice for Humanity. With this slogan, we aim justice to all human kind and everyone who knocks the door for their true rights.
  • We did the foundation of MEP not to compete with other parties propaganda or their rights - we formed MEP - with one motto of creating a clear path for justice to all.
  • Women in general is always been downgraded by lot of conspiracies, here if its justice we will stand with them and will do the best to empower a faithful solution.
  • MEP will take action with all aspects of antihuman and antisocial elements - its time for a change in all means
    Education is a very important role in the upbringing of a healthy society, education for all will be our main agenda...
  • Girls as well as Boys should be given well early education and proper studies and rights of a person in society should be learn from the childhood itself and with this the growth of perfect country will work.
  • Another Aim of the Party will be to control on Child Labor, this has effected the whole country as by not knowing we produce another weaker community by making the child work instead of giving education.
  • Child Abuse is also one of the concerns and will get full Justice and try to bring a full stop on this
    A sound society which recognizes equality of all its people can only build a healthy and strong nation. Empowering women is a means towards the empowerment of the larger society and the nation.
    The process is never simple but we have to bring the situation in which all have to stand with one slogan Justice for Humanity.